The flood gates are open | All about control

Do you feel like your family‚Äôs health is always coming before yours? Or maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to do anything for you?

If this sounds like you or you simply want to learn from two dietitians how to find a nutrition plan that works for your busy life, the 5 day challenge to become a healthier mom is for you! Click here to join, the challenge started yesterday, but don’t worry you can still join!

Have you ever felt that if you stop tracking, counting or using an app that you would just “let yourself go”? We are talking all about this false sense of control that those things give us. We think that the tighter we hold on the more control we will have…but that’s just not true. We give you some tangible ideas on thing to track that will make your body feel good, mentally and physically.

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